Debt Free Diary- Entry 6

6/12/16 Thanks, Dave Ramsey. I’m officially a freak. I no longer use hair products or cleaning products- yay vinegar and baking soda. My husband refuses to take medicine for anything- apple cider vinegar to the win again! My next project is to cut up old T-shirts to use instead of paper towels.We have eaten beans … [Read more…]

Debt Free Diary-Entry 2

*Disclaimer: This point contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure for more information. 4/23/16 So, I now fully understand why Dave (you like how we are on a first name basis now? I mean, he’s invaded my head, my house, my marriage, he pretty much lives with us) says not to take up any big … [Read more…]

Debt Free Diary- Entry 1

*Disclaimer: This point contains Amazon affiliate links. In no way is this post sponsored by Dave Ramsey. Please see full disclosure for more information. 4/20/16 The Bible says, “Thou shalt not covet.” That is so much harder than it sounds. I don’t even “covet” normal things. I want a job I like. I want to … [Read more…]