How to Get Free Clothes Mailed to Your Door

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you choose to make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you choose to make a purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full affiliate disclosure here.

You have literally just hit the jackpot. In the next five minutes, you will learn how to get free clothes delivered straight to your door.

Where can you get free clothes mailed straight to your door?

Meet thredUP, the largest online thrift and consignment store and my new best friend.

With thredUP you can purchase high-quality, name brand clothing at 90% off the retail value. ThredUP is

dedicated to changing the stigma around secondhand clothing and challenging us “to think secondhand first” in order to save time, money and help the environment.

My favorite part, however, is the fact that with thredUP I can get free clothing delivered straight to my door with minimal effort.

When I began my quest to de-clutter our home, I desperately needed an easy way to get rid of the mountains of unused clothing overtaking my closet. After doing some searching, I learned about thredUP Clean Out Kits and decided to give it a try.

It really is as easy as it sounds. I send them a giant bag of clothes (for free- they cover the shipping) and they give me store credit or a regular payout.

If you’d like to trade in some of your unused clothes for an upgrade, for free, follow these steps below:

How to Get Free Clothes with thredUP

Step 1: Sell Clothes to thredUP

Selling clothing with thredUP is truly the easiest process in the world. Here’s how it works:

1. Create an account

If you don’t already have an account go to to create one (this is my affiliate link). Just for creating an account they will give you $10 in store credit. Woohoo! Free clothes already and you’re just getting started!

2. Order your Clean Out Kit

On their menu select “Clean Out” and then “Order a Kit”. I always choose the FREE Standard Bag but you can pay to expedite the process if you need free clothes fast.

On the next screen, it gives you the option to have any clothing thredUP doesn’t accept sent back to you for $10.99. In my opinion, you should select “Standard Bag Only” and let them keep the clothes.

If you are willing to sell the clothes, you are willing to part with them. Just let them go. ThredUP responsibly recycles any clothing they don’t accept.

Next, add in your demographic information to finish the ordering process and your clean out kit will be on its way.

3. Select items to sell.

It will take about a week for your bag to come, which gives you plenty of time to clean out your closet.

Check out the list of brands thredUP accepts and their guidelines. You can send items that do not meet their standards in your bag, just know that these items will be responsibly recycled and you will not receive any kind of reimbursement for them.

4. Fill your bag.

You will receive a small thredUP envelope will in the mail. Don’t be fooled! That envelope contains a HUGE bag. Fill your bag with the clothing you selected and seal it up.

5. Send your clean out kit on its way!

Take that massive bag over to the post office. Park close to the entrance because those things get heavy! Since your bag comes with pre-paid postage, you can just drop it off and go. No waiting in line for you!

While your bag is in transit, you will receive email confirmations to help you track its progress.

6. Get free clothes!

It takes about a week to process your clean out kit once makes it to thredUP. After everything has been processed, you will receive an email telling you how much you earned with your bag on any in-style, in-season items. For consignment items, you will receive reimbursement once the item sells.

Now you can move on to the fun part and use your earnings to get some free clothes!

Pros and Cons of Selling with thredUP

As with any service, ThredUP isn’t perfect. Here are a few things they are awesome at and a few things to be aware of before jumping in.

Pros of Selling with thredUP

  • Their selling process is super easy. Fill a bag, send it off, get paid.
  • Selling clothing is free!
  • The bag is genuinely huge. Like park near the post office door huge because it’s a wide load.
  • They accept women’s and children’s clothing.
  • thredUP responsibly recycles any clothing they don’t accept. Please don’t throw your old clothes in the trash! It makes Mother Earth cry.

Cons of Selling with thredUP

  • They are very selective and only accept about 40% of the clothing they receive.
  • They don’t accept (or sell) men’s clothing, unless it’s in a donation bag (a bag option that sends any proceeds to charity).
  • The payouts are low. You can estimate what you will receive for your items here. You could definitely make more selling the clothing on your own but you are paying for the convenience of the service.

For me, since I don’t have anywhere else to get rid of unwanted clothing, thredUP is the best option. Plus, I love how quick and easy it is to get rid of clutter and make some money.

Step 2 to Get Free Clothes: Tell Your Friends

If you decide that you are head over heels for ThredUP like I am, tell your friends about it! You can share your referral link through email or on social media.

Once someone signs up for an account, ThredUP gives you $10 and your friend $10 in store credit.

How to Find your thredUP Referral Link

1. When you are logged into your thredUP account, there is a little person icon up at the top right-hand corner. It should say hi (your name)! next to it. Let your cursor hover over the person icon and then select “Referrals and Invitations”.

2. You can send out an email to all of your friends directly from that page or share the code itself by copying the link. You could also share this post when giving out your referral code so that your friends know exactly what to expect when buying or selling with thredUP.

Step 3 to Get Free Clothes: Order your thredUP Goody Box

This is my favorite step! Now that you have some store credit, it’s time to get name-brand clothing delivered straight to your door. You could spend hours browsing their selection or you could try out the greatest invention ever, and my fashion life saver: thredUP Goody Boxes.

What is a thredUP Goody Box?

Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix? It is an uber expensive styling service that sends you hand selected clothing every month. Since I abhor shopping, I tried it once. I loved the experience but almost cried when I saw the price tags.

Goody Boxes are a similar idea, but better.

Goody Boxes are a new ThredUP service. You fill out some basic information about your sizes and style preferences, and they send you a total of 15 items starting at $10 per piece (or whatever price range you choose). Plus, any store credit you have can be used toward your purchases.

So, with the click of a button you can get high-quality, name brand clothing sent straight to your door and you can get some of the items for free. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

A discount maybe? Check. They’ve got that too.

Normally, you have to pay a $20 deposit for a Goody Box. Since this is a new service, they’ve lowered the price to $10. Plus,  your deposit is credited toward any purchases you make from your Goody Box so you have nothing to lose.

Go on, try it out. You know you want to 😉


How to order a ThredUP Goody Box

  1. Select “Goody Boxes” from the main menu.
  2. Choose one of three options: a seasonal box, 9-5 clothing, or a custom box. (I always choose custom box.)
  3. Answer some basic questions about your sizes, style and the types of items you are looking for. You can even share a Pinterest board with examples.
  4. Pay your $10/$20 deposit (that will be credited toward your purchases).
  5. Wait about two weeks for a giant thredUP box to arrive on your doorstep.
  6. Feel like a little kid on Christmas day as you open your box and explore your surprises.
  7. Decide what you want to keep.
  8. Place any unwanted items back in the same box they came in (within a week).
  9. Stick the pre-paid shipping label on the box and drop it off at the post office.
  10. Once your Goody Box return has been processed, you will receive an invoice with the items you decided to keep and the total cost. They will automatically use any store credit you have toward your purchase.

Pros and Cons of thredUP Goody Boxes

I am truly in love with Goody Boxes because it is the perfect solution for my fashion inept self- cheap, secondhand clothing (although several items in my box still had tags on them) that I don’t even have to pick out. However, since it is a new service, there is always room for improvement.

Pros of ordering a thredUP Goody Box

1. It’s makes Mother Nature smile.

ThredUP’s motto is “Think Secondhand First”. One of the main reasons for me to think secondhand first is to help the environment and the world around me.

We all want cheap, cute clothing but that comes at a cost-generally to those making the clothing. If you are buying secondhand, you are indirectly fighting against that injustice and easing the burden on our landfills.

2. Crazy Easy

Have I mentioned I hate shopping? The fact that cute, stylish clothing comes straight to my door and all I have to do is try them on is like heaven for me. The stylist even sent several complete outfits for my fashion challenged self.

3. Name-brand clothing you can afford

I’ll be honest- Ann Taylor and the Limited have never seen the insides of my closet before. I don’t even think I’ve ever been brave enough to walk into their stores.

However, I did notice that they fit a little better and look a little nicer than my usual $10 blouses and pants. Filling my closet with quality clothing without giving up my dreams of debt freedom is definitely a win-win situation.

4. It’s not a subscription service.

Since Goody Boxes are not a subscription service, you can order as often as you’d like.

Cons of ordering a ThredUP Goody Box

1. Quality clothing costs more

For me, the prices still feel a little expensive. Granted, I may be the world’s cheapest human being when it comes to clothing. From my first box I kept a blazer, and Ann Taylor shirt, and Limited dress pants and paid a total of $26 (I already had $23 in store credit).

However, I took the time to look up the original prices and found that the same Limited dress pants I paid $13.99 for were originally $69 new. So, I guess that’s still a pretty good deal.

2. The items don’t have price tags.

You are sent a list with all of the items in your box and their prices but it takes some guess work to figure out which item is which.

3. Goody Boxes are only for women.

My husband is genuinely disappointed that thredUP doesn’t sell men’s clothing and therefore I couldn’t order a Goody Box for him. Although they do sell children’s clothing, right now Goody Boxes are just for women.

4. Two weeks feels like a long time when you’re excited.

I just recently ordered my second box and am impatiently checking my email to see if it’s been sent yet. Clearly, patience is a virtue I’m still working on ;).

5. Goody Boxes aren’t technically a styling service.

Although the stylists definitely pay attention to your requests and style, they make it very clear that they are not a styling service and pride themselves in sending you a few surprises…which actually might be a good thing.

I would have never picked out polka dotted dress pants but I genuinely love them.

So, thredUP Goody Boxes will push you out of your style comfort zone, but you just might like it there.

Recap of How to get Free Clothing Delivered to Your Door

In case your brain is spinning with all of this information, here’s the recap of how you can get free clothing delivered to your door.

  1. Sell unused clothing to ThredUP.
  2. Tell your friends how to do the same.
  3. Order your thredUP Goody Box.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments below. Be sure to try out your thredUP Goody Box soon before the deposit goes back up to $20. Enjoy your free clothes!

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