Increase Your Productivity Today with this Simple Trick

Have you ever had so much to do that you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed? You know you need to just jump in, be productive and tackle your monstrous to-do list but you just can’t. It’s the worst. I’ve been there too- many times. Thankfully, I recently discovered one super simple solution for that to-do list … [Read more…]

Debt Free Diary Entry 11- When Laziness Lights the Fire. Sometimes mistakes are a good thing.

New here? Read the Debt Free Diary Disclaimer before diving in. 4/8/17 The Lure of Laziness Laziness has officially caught up with me. After several months of eh- it’s close enough or not checking our progress on the budget until the end of the month when we had already spent on things we didn’t need … [Read more…]