Debt Free Diary-Entry 2

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So, I now fully understand why Dave (you like how we are on a first name basis now? I mean, he’s invaded my head, my house, my marriage, he pretty much lives with us) says not to take up any big investments or business ventures while you are in the class. Too bad I was already knee deep in one. With all big changes, there is generally big spending. It has been sooooo hard to stay on track this week.

This nanny share/daycare thing has been a nightmare. First off, I found out that it is going to cost me over $500 to appeal the city’s denial of my petition to open a family daycare. Fine, 3 kid max it is. Then, I discover that all payroll companies charge upwards of $40 a month. And this whole business idea was to save me money. On top of that, I need a CPA- who also wants my money. So this grand idea to save money is now looking like a grand idea to lose more of it.

There are all of these things I want to do to make the house pretty and fun for kids. I have found all of these super cheap DIY projects and I cannot wait to start them. But nooooo, I am supposed to be super saving. I hate super saving. It makes super spending all the more attractive.

Twice I went to Target. (Primarily to go the bathroom- I am on the road a lot for work.) Normally I can just go in, use the bathroom, and leave. But this week- both times- I bought a drink at Starbucks because I have gift cards. I’ve had those gift cards for almost two months! But I HAD to spend them because I’m not supposed to.

Then, a friend invites me to an awesome event. I have lived in this city for 7 years and I can count on one hand the number of times someone has invited me to or told me about an event like this…it would happen now…when I cant go.

My husband got a $20 tip for a job he did and immediately tells me we are going out for ice cream. I know that really those $20 need to go to the savings. But ice cream? Don’t you tempt me like that!

To make matters worse, a friend of his tells him that he is selling a welding machine- at a really cheap price. Cheap enough that he could probably remake the money in one side job. Sounds like a great idea. But we don’t have the money.

We are supposed to be super saving.

In the back of my mind, I’m thinking- ok, let’s just get this over with. But it’s actually not going to be over anytime soon. Because then we have to pay off all the debt. And then there are still so many more steps to this program!!!

Doubt is creeping in.


Why is this so stinking hard??!!

Getting to this point was so easy, effortless, painless. We stopped paying attention and boom- here we are!

Getting out is so, so, so hard. Temptations go away!! $1,000 please just appear in my bank account! Haha. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, it would teach me nothing and probably do more harm than good. We just have to keep working and moving forward.

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